Integrated Receiver System


C6 Receiver

The C6 Birth Control receiver is based of a plastic box that contain the radio transceiverrx_c6.gif , the GSM auto dialler and the battery for black out instance.

The receiver must be always connected to the 220 Volt network, the battery that is in it guarantee e normal function even for 24 hours in black out instance case.

The blue jack ,over the ON, switch on the system, that communicating between the green and red led , indicating the initialisation of the auto dialler and the internal software.rx_lato_sim.gif





In the lateral section is visible a yellow plastic cap that is over the ingress of the SIM card , when extracted pushing the yellow point, with a pen, is it possible extract the SIM drawer.rx_retro.gif







In the back section are present, the jack for the power supply ,contained in the kit , (14 -18 Vcc) with expressed polarity , and a green jack for accessory alarm tools like bell or light.

In order to conserve in good state the internal battery is advisable connect the receiver to the 220Volt network every three month even during the non foaling months.

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